This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

In the all new season of Total Drama, twenty-two teens come to England to compete in the newest installment which takes place in a huge condominium in the middle of nowhere. They'll be split into two teams of eleven in which they must participate within during the first half of the season to win the reward and immunity up for grabs. But at some point in the game the teams shall disband and it'll be every man or woman for themselves. In the end only two will remain and will challenge each other head to head in the most dramatic finale episode ever, just for the chance to win the million big ones. So I guess you get the gist of everything so welcome to Total... Drama... England!

Written by, Jordan


Chris McLean ~ The Same Sadistic Host

Chef Hatchet ~ The Same Psychotic Chef


Makosi ~ The Down-To-Earth Hipster

Amelia ~ The Hot Chick

Scarlet ~ The Cherokee Pacifist

Esther ~ The Bubbly Brit

Paisley ~ The Hostile Party Animal

Shanna ~ The Ghetto Twerker

Elysia ~ The Bereaved Crybaby

Kendall ~ The Cute Wallflower

Halcyon ~ The Asian Otaku

Alexis ~ The Opinionated Strategist

Kiki ~ The Narcoleptic Sociopath

Harley ~ The Sardonic Goth

Carter ~ The Typical Jock

Teddy ~ The Kid at Heart

Reef ~ The Surfing Obsessed

Ethan ~ The Uber-Jerk

Channing ~ The Stuck-Up Richie

Frankie ~ The Gaming Prodigy

Ollie ~ The Evil Deceiver

Rupert ~ The Large Bundle of Joy

Isaac ~ The Tough Rapper

Bruno ~ The Brazilian Artist


Chapter 01: Welcome to a Whole New Reality...

Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA


Elimination Table

# Contestant 1
TBA Alexis
TBA Amelia
TBA Bruno
TBA Carter
TBA Channing
TBA Elysia
TBA Esther
TBA Ethan
TBA Frankie
TBA Halcyon
TBA Harley
TBA Isaac
TBA Kendall
TBA Kiki
TBA Makosi
TBA Ollie
TBA Paisley
TBA Reef
TBA Rupert
TBA Scarlet
TBA Shanna
TBA Teddy


  •      WINNER This person won the show and the million pound cash prize.
  •      RUNNER-UP This person lost at the finale and placed second but walked away with one hundred thousand pounds.
  •      GENDER + TEAM This contestant was Male and was on the Boy's team.
  •      GENDER + TEAM This contestant was Female and was on the Girl's team.
  •      WIN This contestant won team invincibility before the merge.
  •      WIN This contestant won individual invincibility after the merge.
  •      LOW This contestant was received the last marshmallow at the Bonfire Ceremony.
  •      SAFE This contestant was safe and received a marshmallow at the Bonfire Ceremony.
  •      QUIT/LEFT This contestant quit the game voluntarily or left for un/known reasons.
  •      OUT This contestant was voted out of the competition.
  •      DISQ This contestant was disqualified from the competition.