Willow (Wonderland)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 16th October 1995
Hometown Palm Bay, Florida
Occupation Student


Team The Yellow Team
Placement TBA
Challenge(s) Won TBA
Day(s) Lasted TBA

Willow is a contestant on the newest installment of Total Drama, Wonderland. She is on the Yellow Team.


Name (Age): Willow Everett (18)
Team Designation: The Yellow Team
Current Residence: Palm Bay, Florida
Occupation: Student
Personal Claim to Fame: I didn't have one before getting a place on Wonderland, now I'm a local celebrity in Palm Bay!
Hobbies: Beach Sports, Dancing.
Pet Peeves: Having to stay in the city of Palm Bay. I haven't left the city all my life so finally I get to explore the world. Well technically speaking I'm not cause I'm going to an amusement park.
3 Words to Describe Yourself: Active, Fun, Loveable
Reason For Being on Wonderland: I finally get to leave Palm Bay! Although I love it there, it's the first time I get to leave.
Why You Think You'll Win: Because I'm active so that gives an edge, fun so people will enjoy my company and loveable so my companions will keep me in the game.